Fresh People HR Lunch: Creating a Culture of Mobility

Live webinar

Reap the benefits of innovative internal talent mobility

Offering employees role flexibility is no longer an optional perk – it’s a powerful recruitment and retention necessity to build into your people experience strategy. However, building a talent mobility framework doesn’t happen overnight; you need to prepare your business to embrace frequent change and embed agility into your workplace culture.

Join us on Teams for our virtual HR lunch as we hear from Fuel50, an innovative kiwi company who are changing the way businesses grow, retain and engage their people. Anne Fulton, CEO of Fuel50 will discuss how to develop an ecosystem that works bottom-up and side-to-side and will share how to properly capitalise on the benefits that talent mobility brings, such as minimising complacency and creating an environment of healthy change.

As part of making our virtual lunch interactive, we have put together three different breakout sessions for you to select which will run for the second part of our event. Our facilitators will encourage peer to peer learning, where you can candidly share your issues, knowledge, and ideas with your group.

Breakout session topics include resetting management expectations around people and culture, effectively assessing skills already in your business, and building best practice through process and technology.

Lunch and learn with us as we take you through an afternoon packed with thought leadership content, future of work insight, and practical takeaways you can implement into your 2022 HR Strategy!


Employees have aspirations, but they don’t always include management and leadership roles.

Webinar One

Peter Simunovich

Rehabilitation Consultant - EMA

Webinar Two

Kevin Chambers

Quality Assurance Manager - EMA


Webinar One

Wed, October 6th
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Happy brain, healthy brain. An alternative view of managing stress for leaders.

  • Where and how stress and anxiety are generated in the brain
  • The importance of self-monitoring and recognizing your triggers, to achieve better outcomes
  • Valuable tools to calm anxiousness and build self and team resilience.

Peter Simunovich - Rehabilitation Consultant - EMA

Webinar Two

Wed, October 13th
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Capacity issue + capability issue. How to effectively re-organise your team to navigate through disruption.

  • Bridging the skills gap – identifying high risk capability gaps
  • Capability and capacity represent a challenge, especially today – learn how to avoid overloading staff and re-imagine work to effectively assign and manage it
  • Effectively managing your team’s capacity whilst increasing their capabilities
  • Creating a safe environment for your staff to give open and honest feedback when talking about their limitations.

Kevin Chambers - Quality Assurance Manager - EMA

Registration and Pricing

EMA Members

Individual Webinar

$ 69
  • Select your sessions
  • Price is per session


Individual Webinar

$ 89
  • Select your sessions
  • Price is per session

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